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Tuesday 18th April 2017


We have come back from a lovely, restful Easter holidays. We are excited to begin our new topic 'Sunshine, Showers and Shelters'. We have started the term with a PSHE day and then we go straight back into normal routine. We are finishing off division in maths and move onto a new unit in English. We can't wait!

Friday 4th November

We have come back after a lovely half-term, ready and raring to go! 

In English, we have started a new unit; instructions! We are learning the instructions 'How to Trap a Nile Crocodile'. We have made a text map and are really enjoying rehearsing our actions to go along with it. This will  help us as we learn the features and structure of instructions in preparation for us writing our own instructions shortly. 


In Maths, we have been doing some more written methods for addition and learning to round numbers to their nearest 10, 100, 1000. We learnt a fun rhyme to help us with this. We are excited to move onto subtraction now!


In Science, we are still learning lots about rocks and are about to look into how soil is made. 


We are excited to have started music now with Mrs Mason and are singing our Christmas production songs.We have now got all our parts and lines for the Christmas play and rehearsals are underway!


 Today, we enjoyed our first RE Day, where we learned about the Life of Jesus.We looked at Christians beliefs into who Jesus who, his birth and discovered the geographical context in which he lived. To help us with this, we made a model of a Biblical village.We ended our day by learning one of the key parables that Jesus told; 'The Parable of the Prodigal Son'. 



Friday 25th September

We’ve been swimming and it has been lots of fun (the water was warm)! We know the rules of the pool – no running, no diving and no jumping.


We’ve been doing a lot of hard maths – learning how to partition has helped.


In English we have started to look at fairy tales and have written our own character and setting descriptions – we are very proud of them. Here is one we all did together:

Deep in the dark, gloomy woods there sat a creepy, crumbling cottage. Nearby was an old, broken bridge. In the air, howling wind could be hear. The trees were whistling and swaying while a deep, smoky smell rose from....


That’s all for now, please keep reading.

Class 1



Friday 11th September

Welcome to our second class blog!


In maths we have looked at number sentences and making and ordering our own numbers.

In science we have been trying to find different kinds of stones and rocks.

We have made our very own folders on computers!

We are swimming next Wednesday and are super excited.

We  have also learnt how to say hello in three different ways in French – bonjour, bonsoir, salut!

Friday 4th September


This is a new year and a new year for us - but we are getting used to it...


We have been making models of our school values. It has been hard but we have enjoyed it! Even with the glue it is challenging - but we love challenges in class 1!


We are looking forward to swimming because it will be fun. Our topic is Ancient Egyptians.


We have also sorted out all of our jobs and responsibilities for the classroom.