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Why we teach French


Learning another language opens children's minds to different cultures and to different ways of thinking, as well as deepening their knowledge of English through comparison.


At Linton Heights, pupils learn French weekly. They start in Year 3 by memorising words and simple phrases. In Year 4, they begin to construct sentences and in Year 5 learn how to manipulate language to form different sentence structures. By Year 6, pupils are able to engage with French texts and take part in conversations consisting of several exchanges. They develop an enthusiasm for language learning through enjoyable learning activities and extra-curricular enrichment.


Throughout their journey, pupils are encouraged to develop independent language-learning strategies and transferable skills, so that they leave Linton Heights equipped to learn any new language. 


What you will see in the classroom


  • A variety of activities, which develop listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Pupils challenged at a level which is appropriate for them: ambition celebrated and support given when needed
  • Pupils playing games, singing songs, watching videos, using puppets
  • The use of dictionaries and technology to encourage independence


How well pupils achieve


Pupils leave Linton Heights with knowledge of how to begin learning a language. Nearly 90% of them acknowledge that language learning is valuable and the majority of them enjoy it. When they start KS3, and revisit their learning in a new setting or start a language from scratch, pupils discover a confidence which has grown from the strong foundation of weekly lessons in KS2.


Year 6 wrote poems based on the structure of Premier Jour by Jacques Prévert

Year 6 fundraising crêperies


Ti-Jean et la Chèvre by Théâtre sans Frontières

Dans mon Sac Class 3

Year 4 practised their dictionary skills to change the words to a song and make it more interesting.

Dans mon Sac Class 4

La Poésie

Y6 pupils wrote their own poems, based on the structure of Premier Jour by Jacques Prévert.

2020 - 2021

Despite the restrictions and lockdowns, we've had fun learning French this year!

French Film Club

Les Olympiques des Animaux, with Théâtre sans Frontières

Year 6 made stop motion animations

Still image for this video

Year 5 made triaramas about where they live.

Year 3 learned to read and recite The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French