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Year 5

Compositions inspired by 'Earth' composed by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer composed his 'Earth' score exclusively for BBC Ten Pieces. He has previously composed music for film & TV including The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean and Blue Planet, and this piece is in his usual film-music style! We were inspired by this music and brainstormed our feelings and thoughts after we had listened to it. Then we composed our own whole class pieces of music. We hope you enjoy listening to our work, as well as enjoying 'Earth' by Hans Zimmer.

Class 6 'Earth'

Class 6 used mostly ukuleles plus one glockenspiel and some egg shakers. We created percussive and tuned effects. Our piece starts with a 'shimmering' introduction and a crescendo, similar to Hans Zimmer's composition, followed by a short 3 note motif. We then improvised three sections, using ideas from the emotions we felt when listening to Hans Zimmer's music. First our: 'Lifting' section starts with a Latin rhythm. Next our 'Happy' section takes over with ukuleles followed by our final improvisation 'Magical' with sliding pitches and mysterious sounds.Our composition finally ends with a shimmering crescendo. We hope you enjoy it!

Class 5 'Earth'.wav

Class 5 have used a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. After a shimmering introduction, a solo glockenspiel picks up the 4 note melody from Hans Zimmer's 'Earth'. More glockenspiels join in, along with ukuleles too.Next there is a change of direction as we lead into our improvised 'Ocean and Whales' with rising and falling musical sounds. This is followed by 'Growing' - a section with sliding and rising pitch changes to represent life growing and rising on Earth. A sudden contrast is heard in our 'War and Conflict' improvisation, with relentless and constant tones and sounds that are brought to a sudden conclusion with a cymbal crescendo. And then silence! The shimmering returns with one final echo of the 4 note melody to end our piece.